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2020: In a Nutshell

2020 sure has been a nutty, crazy year for us all. If you would have told me our country would be in the state it is in earlier in the year, I probably would have called you crazy--I often cannot believe this is real. The devastation we have endured with illness and financial hardships is mind-blowing. I am a very social person who loves to travel, so quarantine initially hit me. Hard. However, I am also (generally) a positive person, so I quickly decided to try to see the light and find solace in being forced to slow down. In my opinion, the most amazing parts of our new normal is having more time to spend with family, getting to those projects that had been on the back burner for months, and seeking adventures with loved ones in the great outdoors. Backpacking adventures with the kids, bottle feeding a sweet little calf, working on the ranch, cooking yummy food, family hiking adventures across Colorado, and outdoor yoga sessions. In attempts to share a little of that positivity, I thought I'd share what I've been up to this year. I'd love to hear from you as well, so please do share below! :)

Fixing fence at sunset

Backpacking with kids!

Lucky, our bottle-fed calf

Hiking my first 14-er!

Outdoor Yoga Session

Chopping wood for winter

Delicious homemade pretzels

Construction project #27: Building a coop for the chickens!


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