Free Shipping On Orders Over $39--Free Returns and Exchanges


What is your return policy?

HeadPeace has a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products! That means we offer free returns and exchanges on all of our products. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, send it back to us for a full refund!


How can I wear an Original Band? 

The original bands were designed to be worn in many different ways--wear them bunched up, folded, or unfolded to cover more of the head. In addition, many HeadPeace customers have been wearing the Original Bands as face coverings to protect against COVID-19! They act as a lightweight version of a neck gaiter, without the extra, unneeded fabric around your neck and they're easy to breathe through. The best part is you'll have a cute headband to wear when this is all over!

Check out this link to find a video from HeadPeace's Founder to see the bands in action!


Why are HeadPeace products are more expensive than what I can buy at Walmart, Target or on Amazon?

All of the products at HeadPeace are of exceptional quality. The fabrics we use are soft, lightweight, and comfortable, always ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, HeadPeace products are handmade in Nepal by Puurna, a world-class, socially-responsible, ethical-manufacturing company committed to excellence, integrity, fair-trade, and sustainability.


What are shipping costs?

We charge a nominal fee for shipping and handling of $3.85 per order, shipped via USPS Parcel Post. If your order totals over $29, we take care of the shipping for you! All HeadPeace orders are shipped within 2 business days and delivery typically occurs within 3-10 business days. We can ship Priority Mail for $8--delivery times are typically 1-3 business days if you go that route.


The specific product I want is sold out. When will you have more in stock?

HeadPeace is committed to offering you unique and ever changing prints. That means that once those particular prints are sold out, they're gone for good. We typically switch up prints a few times per year. 


Where are HeadPeace products made?

Our products are made in Nepal by Puurna, a world-class, fair-trade & ethical manufacturing company that empowers marginalized people and survivors of exploitation to fresh starts and fulfilled lives. You can learn more about Puurna at